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Safety Precautions with Injectable HCG

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The HCG diet has been around for decades. It was first discovered in the 1950s by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons when, during a study on the effects of HCG and fertility, his subjects began reporting unexpected weight loss. As time went on, Dr. Simeons delved deeper into the correlation between HCG and weight loss, eventually devising a diet protocol specifically designed to utilize the effects of HCG to produce rapid weight loss.

The diet Dr. Simeons devised was called the HCG diet protocol and it includes a 3 phase plan that lasts about 40 days. While on this protocol, dieters are to maintain adherence to a strict diet and utilize injectable HCG hormone doses every day. The HCG hormone is traditionally found in pregnant women. During pregnancy, it stimulates the hypothalamus to release fat stores into the bloodstream to be sure that the growing fetus has the calories and energy it needs in order to properly form. Pregnant women usually have increased appetites, as such, the effects of HCG on the hypothalamus are merely a safety precaution by the body in the event that a shortage of food occurs. If the increased food intake is removed from the equation, however, the release of fatty tissue still takes place and weight loss results.

If you want to use injectable HCG hormones at home in order to stimulate weight loss, it is often advised that you first consult a doctor about your intentions. Your doctor can perform tests and inform you on your physical condition and whether or not you’re capable of beginning the HCG diet protocol or not. Generally, it is important to consult your doctor before beginning any diet and/or exercise regimen, but especially so if you plan on using injections.

In order to avoid HCG diet dangers, the first thing you want to do is be sure you’re getting real HCG. If your doctor prescribes it for you, he or she can send you to a certified supplier that will ensure you’re getting the the right stuff in the correct amounts. Also, your doctor can supply you with the hypodermic needles necessary for HCG injections.

Whenever you give yourself an injection of anything, whether HCG, insulin, etc. it is crucial that you be sure to sterilize the area prior to breaking the surface of the skin. Our world is teeming with bacteria, microorganisms and germs that would like nothing more than a free ride past your protective epidermis. Do not oblige them. Rubbing alcohol is a cheap and effective way to sterilize the area prior to injection, but make sure that you use sterilized wipes to do so. It’s possible to negate the effects of the rubbing alcohol if the cloth or napkin you use to swab the surface is itself full of germs and bacteria. The injections are administered in the thigh, so make sure to put it in the right place.

If you don’t get your liquid HCG from your doctor, there are plenty of other reputable sources for acquiring it. You will have to do your research, though, because there are also many HCG diet scams around that are just waiting to get your money and send you a bunk product. Check out the online HCG diet forums for information on legitimate sources, and make sure that the laboratory supplying the HCG is FDA approved.

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Official HCG Diet Reviews

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There are several different variations of the HCG diet available for those looking to benefit from the rapid weight loss associated with supplementation. In order to get the best information available, it is often wise to look up official HCG diet plan reviews on each individual system.

Those who desire to lose serious weight might well benefit from the original HCG diet protocol. It consists of 3 phases and lasts about 40 days total. The initial phase lasts 2 days, and dieters are to eat as many high fat, high calorie foods as possible while beginning their HCG hormone injections. After these 2 days, phase 2 begins and daily caloric intake is dramatically reduced to only 500 calories a day. During phase 2, dieters will notice rapid weight loss ranging anywhere from .5lbs to 2lbs a day, provided they adhere to the list of approved foods and do not exceed the 500 calorie a day limit.

Once phase 2 is over and weight loss has been achieved, it is followed by phase 3 which is a stabilization phase. HCG supplementation ceases at the beginning of phase 3 and daily caloric intake is gradually increased. The focus of this phase is to not gain or lose any weight, but to keep your body stable, allowing it to adjust to it’s new, lighter form. Failing to do so could cause the weight lost during phase 2 to reappear, resulting in wasted time and effort.

It is safe to undergo the official HCG diet plan more than once, should one desire to lose more weight.  It’s generally advised that a few months are given in between each cycle in order for the body to recuperate from the previous weeks on the HCG diet and return to a state of homeostasis.

The original protocol is not the only one covered by official HCG diet plan reviews, however, as there are a number of other plans for people with different needs. There is a 15 day program, for instance, that lasts only about 3 weeks from beginning to end that works great for people who just need to shed a few pounds. This particular HCG diet protocol doesn’t differ all that much from the original, it is simply condensed in order to limit the amount of weight loss enjoyed by those who follow it.

Aside from individual diet plans, there are also reviews of the different sources of supplementing HCG. The original HCG diet calls for a series of daily HCG injections, administered once a day in the dieter’s thigh. However, there are also sublingual HCG drops that, while taken more than once a day, offer the same results as the original HCG diet shots. HCG diet pills exist as well, and are taken in a similar fashion to the diet drops.

If you want to make sure your HCG diet plan review is official, there are a few things you can look for. FDA certified HCG, for instance, is a sure-fire way to know that you’re getting the quality product associated with weight loss. There are a lot of HCG diet scams out there and getting caught up in one of them is only going to waste your time and efforts. A lot of good HCG diet plans will include recipes and guides detailing the exact method for achieving success on the diet. Finding a good one will help ensure your success in meeting whatever weight loss goals you’ve set for yourself.

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HCG Diet Variations

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The correlation between HCG and weight loss was first discovered in the 1950s. Shortly thereafter, the seminal book on the subject Pounds & Inches by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons was published, and since then thousands of people have experienced the rapid weight loss benefits of the HCG diet. As time goes on, things often change, even the HCG diet. Nowadays, there is an HCG diet protocol available that caters to all sorts of different needs and desires. Below are listed a few of these variations and their potential benefits and uses:

The 15 day HCG diet. This diet is only about half as long as the original HCG diet protocol. The 15 day diet is great for someone who only needs to lose 10-15lbs, and needs to lose it quickly. Is there a wedding coming up? The company Christmas party? Perhaps, like so many others, you let your New Years resolution fall to the wayside and now it’s nearly summer and you have yet to attain your beach-body. Whatever the reason, this quick and easy diet can be used to help you lose a few pounds fast, or even to help jump start a longer diet and exercise program.

The next step up is the 21 day HCG diet. This one is very common and elicits weight loss results ranging in the 30lbs in 30 days area. It’s hard to believe that one extra week on the HCG diet protocol has the potential to double your results from the 15 day diet, but such is the power and efficacy of HCG. If you’re a little more than slightly overweight, the 21 day HCG diet is probably for you. Also, people who have difficulty finding the time to exercise during their busy day to day lives will benefit from this program.

The 45 day HCG diet plan is for those who need to lose a larger amount of weight quickly. People who are overweight and have adverse health effects stemming from their obesity might do well to use this diet to help reduce their weight. Sometimes injuries occur that make it difficult, if not impossible, to participate in vigorous exercise, and as a result weight gain happens rapidly with seemingly nothing you can do about it. The 45 day HCG diet plan is designed for those who need to lose 40 or more pounds.

The last plan covered here, and the most intense, is the 90 day version of the HCG diet protocol. Often times, extreme obesity can cause serious complications not only on the inside but on the outside as well. Obesity of this magnitude can make it difficult, if not impossible for doctors to perform surgery necessary to keep one alive, and is extremely dangerous as a result. This plan offers the possibility of losing up to 90lbs in three months.

Before beginning any of the above diet plans, it is important to consult your doctor. While the HCG diet is effective on just about everyone, some people possess conditions that would cause the diet to do more harm than good. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so always talk to your doctor before beginning any weight loss diet or exercise program. In order to achieve this amount of weight loss, you mist rigidly adhere to the diet plan as described in the various HCG diet books. Failing to do so will often lead to greatly reduced weight loss effects.

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Dr. Simeon’s HCG Diet Solution

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Have you ever noticed how celebrities seem to lose unwanted pounds extremely fast, whenever they want? There’s no doubt it’s due to a lot of hard work including good nutrition and exercise. One thing celebrities have going for them is that many of them have a lot of free time on their hands to devote to these exercise regimens. So, what about people who have to work every day for a living? Not everyone has the time (or energy) to devote to 3 hours of exercise every single day, nor can they afford the most nutritious foods all the time. Is there any way to lose weight quickly, the way celebrities do? It turns out, there is. The HCG diet solution can help you lose weight fast and keep the weight off.

Dr. Simeons HCG diet is a method in which thousands of people have experienced rapid weight loss while experiencing little or no side-effects. The diet centers around HCG hormone injections and a low calorie diet. The HCG hormone stimulates the hypothalamus into releasing stored fat into the bloodstream in order to be burned as energy. The low calorie diet is crucial because it ensures that the majority of the energy you get during the day comes from these released fat stores, and not from the food you eat. The diet consists of three phases, a loading phase, weight loss phase and a stabilization phase.

Phase 1 lasts two days and begins with injections of the HCG hormone. During these two days, dieters are to eat as many high calorie, high fat foods as possible. Good options will include foods that contain high amounts of fat, but low amounts of sugars and carbs. Cheese, for example, is a good option here. Cheese and crackers, pizza, lasagna, ice cream and cheesecake are all excellent food choices for phase 1 of Dr. Simeons HCG diet.

After these initial two days are over, phase 2 begins. A 500 calorie a day diet from a strict list of approved foods is adhered to and weight loss begins. The HCG hormone assists in limiting hunger and cravings, so following the low calorie diet shouldn’t be a problem. This period lasts anywhere from 15 to 90 days, depending on how much weight you want to lose and how much time you have to put into the diet. HCG hormone injections are to be continued during phase 2.

Once the weight loss phase ends, you enter a stabilization phase, or phase 3 of the HCG diet. For the next 3 weeks, it is important to be sure your weight does not fluctuate up or down more than 2lbs. The point of phase 3 is to get the body used to being this new weight and keep it from trying to regain any of the fat you lost during phase 2.

People who successfully complete the HCG diet report losing anywhere from .5lbs to 2lbs per day. It depends greatly on how rigidly you adhere to the 500 calorie a day diet and how much fat you have to lose. Any extra energy expended during phase 2 will increase the total fat lost during the HCG diet protocol, however exercise is not recommended. Burning too much energy will often cause you to feel hungrier and make it difficult to adhere to the low calorie aspect of the diet.

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Buying HCG Diet drops Online

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As the fitness and weight loss industries continue to grow, the market is constantly flooded with new and innovative diet programs designed to help people lose weight. However, most of these programs fail to provide the advertised results to the majority of the population. What you don’t know is that many of the testimonials you see are either paid advertisements or people who are coached by a team of doctors, dieticians and personal trainers in order to elicit dramatic results specifically for the use of advertising. These misleading advertisements can often lead to discouraging feelings of disappointment when the average person, who is not backed up by a team of professionals, fails to achieve the same weight loss results as the people on the commercials or in the ads. Luckily there is a diet out there that is overwhelmingly successful in helping anyone lose large amounts of weight quickly and easily. The people who use this diet are not assisted by trained professionals; they’re your friends and neighbors. That diet is the HCG diet.

Losing weight has never been quicker or easier than it is with HCG diet drops. Originally, the HCG diet was administered via hormone injections. While these injections were very effective, the mere fact that you have to give yourself HCG shots every day would often turn away would-be dieters based on that fact alone. Now, however, the injections have been done away with and you can experience the very same results using HCG diet drops.

The diet drops are administered several times a day under the tongue, where the HCG hormone is absorbed into the bloodstream. In conjunction with a 500 calorie a day diet, you can expect to lose anywhere from .5lbs to 2lbs a day. If you think this isn’t true, do the research yourself. Start off with the book Pounds & Inches by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. He is the man who originally discovered the connection between HCG supplementation and weight loss. His book is the culmination of years of study on HCG and its effects on the human body as pertaining to weight loss. Once you’ve finished his book, you should have a pretty good idea on just what the HCG diet protocol is comprised of, and how best to go about making it happen for you.

If you’re still not convinced, simply jump online and look up any of the several HCG diet forums that are all over the place. There, you can get first-hand information on the results of the HCG diet from people who have already completed it. They can tell you how they did it and how much weight they lost. Don’t be surprised if their results echo those boasted by the sellers of the HCG hormone.

If you decide to try it out and see for yourself just how much weight you can lose on the HCG diet, you can start right away. It’s very easy to buy your HCG diet drops online and have them sent directly to your house. Even though you can buy your HCG diet drops online, it’s still a good idea to consult your doctor. He or she can fill you in on any pertinent HCG diet information and help point you in the right direction as to where you can get your own HCG diet drops.

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